Australian born, Sylve Colless' interest in photography began from a young age. She commenced studying Architecture, and her studies of natural light sparked an interest in commercial photography. Sylve soon started assisting some of Sydney's most highly regarded fashion photographers. She also pursued her own photography. Drawing inspiration from film and art, Colless's rich and evocative images encompasses advertising, editorial and personal work.

Sylve's portfolio continues to expand, and reflects her achievements and the hunger to constantly refine her aesthetic. With a simultaneously artistic and commercial eye, Sylve collaborates with a strong group of close allies including musicians, film directors, and writers.

Sylve’s rich and varied work has been featured in highly respected publications including Harpers Bazaar (Aus), Vogue(Aus), Elle (Australia, France, Norway and Portugal) and Russh.

Based in the America, Sylvè is currently working on her 5th solo exhibition. A body of personal work exhibiting in America, Australia and Europe.