Daniella Midenge is a completely self-taught photographer that currently resides in Los Angeles after spending a number of years in alternative areas of Berlin and in Capetown.

Escaping the Nordic forests of Sweden where she grew up, she worked as an oil painting restorer in Stockholm before she started a career as a hair and makeup artist having always had an intense passion for colors, faces, shapes, imagery, people, drawing, painting, and visual expression.

Her deep involvement in the artistic conceptualization of photo shoots during her work in the fashion industry quickly grew Daniella s strong interest in the creative process, so that she one day decided to take the camera in her own hands. Shortly after, in 2010, she landed her first magazine cover for Marie Claire shot in New York, starring Candice Swanepoel. Soon, she was able to add other illustrious magazines to her portfolio including Vogue, Harpers BAZAAR, L Officiel and ELLE. Her client base is still expanding with commissions from major brands such as HandM and Swarovski.

Sex and Cigarettes is Daniella Midenge s first coffee table book being launched in September 2017 culminating her striking body of work thus far.